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Bully Dog HDGT (Heavy Duty Gauge Tuner) For Cat, Cummins, Detroit, Mercedes, & Paccar HD Diesel Applications - 46500

Part Number: 46500
Manufacturer: Bully Dog

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Only the industrys leading tuning manufacturer could bring you a product this revolutionary. Combining the best-in-class features of the Heavy Duty WatchDog and Bully Dogs independently SAE tested tuning, the Heavy Duty Gauge Tuner (HDGT) is the premium performance product for drivers and fleet owners. If you are serious about getting peak performance out of your truck while saving money on fuel and repairs, the HDGT is for you.    5 Ways Bully Dog's HDGT Saves You Time, Fuel, & Money #1 The Tuner No other product can compete with the superior tuning options of the HDGT. Owners can choose between the Economy tune, the Economy + Power tune or opt for custom tuning. Economy Tune Tuning for Mileage Gains Subjected to Bully Dogs rigorous on-road beta testing and then confirmed by independent SAE testing, the Economy tune consistently helps drivers achieve mileage gains of 6-12% or more. Economy + Power Tuning Tuning for Mileage Gains and Additional Power. The Economy + Power Tune safely increases the horsepower and torque of your truck along with proven economy tuning. Users can expect horsepower and torque gains of 18% allowing your truck to perform better while under load, maintaining speed and gaining up to 1 to 2 gears in the hills. Custom Tuning For drivers who want a little bit more, Bully Dogs professionally trained staff offers complimentary custom tuning. 7.72% Fuel Savings Dont just take our word for it. Independent SAE testing proves the HDGT offers 7.72% fuel savings and most driver s Report they are seeing even greater results. How do the fuel savings affect your pocket book, check out Bully Dogs ROI calculator at bigrig.bullydog.com.   #2 The WatchDog The HDGT includes Bully Dogs state-of-the-art WatchDog technology which automatically monitors the safety of your engine. Simply set the safety parameters and the WatchDog will alert you if something is wrong that could potentially damage your engine or transmission.   #3 The Driving Coach The Driving Coach helps you achieve your mileage goal by giving you real-time visual and optional audible feedback. Driving Coach Reports can be generated to track your trucks performance.   #4 The Mini Mechanic Waiting for a mechanic to determine why your check engine light is a waste of both time and money. Now you can do it yourself. #5 The Speed Limiter Drivers going in and out of Canada no longer have to waste time having their speed limiter modified and paying costly change fees or fines. The HDGT allow you to switch the speed limiters yourself saving you time and money every trip. Applications CATERPILLAR 3406E 14.6L 1994-2000, 15.8L 1989-2000 C-10 10.3L 1999-2003 C-11 11.1L 2004-2010 C-12 12.0L 1997-2003 C-13 12.5L 2004-2010 C-15 14.6L 1999-2004 C-15 ACERT 15.2L 2005-2010 C-16 15.8L 1999-2003 C-7 7.2L 2002-2010 C-9 9.3L 2004-2010 CUMMINS ISC 8.3L 2007-2010 ISC 8.3 8.3L 2010-2013 ISL 8.9L 2007-2010 ISL 9 8.9L 2010-2013 ISM 10.8L 2004-2010 ISX 11.9 11.9L 2010-2011 ISX 12 11.9L 2011-2013 ISX 15 14.9L 2010-2013 ISX CM870 14.9L 2004-2007 ISX CM871 14.9L 2008-2010 N14 14.9L 1996-2001 DETROIT DD13 12.8L 2007-2010 DD15 14.8L 2007-2010 SERIES 60 12.7L 1999-2007, 14.0L 2001-2010 MERCEDES MBE 4000 12.8L 2007-2010 MBE 900 7.2L 2007-2010 PACCAR MX 12.9L 2010-2012 MX-13 12.9L 2013-2013 PX-8 8.3L 2008-2012 PX-9 8.9L 2013-2013 7.72% Fuel Savings  Dont just take our word for it. Independent SAE testing proves the HDGT offers 7.72% fuel savings and our drivers report they are seeing even greater results. HDGT fuel savings are backed by a 30 Day money back guarantee. How do the fuel savings affect your pocket book? See the example to the side: To calculate your specific savings, check out Bully Dogs ROI calculator at bigrig. bullydog.com. Youll be surprised how much you can save! Miles Driven Per Year 120,000 Miles Per Gallon 6.0 Price of Fuel Per Gallon $4.25 Mileage Gain 7.72% Total fuel cost/month (Stock) $7,083 Total fuel cost/month (HDGT) $6,576 Monthly Tuning Savings $508   The Heavy Duty Gauge Tuner incorporates Bully Dog's SAE tested and emissions tested diesel engine tuning for both power and economy.   * Not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles based and registered in California.   Benefits & Features  75-100 Additional HP (Specialized tuning for additional power)  6-12% Increase in Fuel Economy  Speed Limiter Adjustments  Diagnostic Reader  Driving Coach  EMISSIONS TESTED  SAE Tested  Watchdog Monitoring    Q. Why are ECM tunes set up for Higher HP? A. Bully Dog HDGT is designed to reprogram the trucks ECM to increase fuel mileage and HP it comes with an Economy tune and a Power/Economy tune. If higher HP is needed or wanted the HDGT can be updated online free of charge.    Q. What if the truck is reprogramed at the dealer? A. The ECM tune will be lost if the truck is reprogramed, the HDGT has the ability to return to stock and capability of retuning after having the ECM reprogramed.    Q. What happens if I trade trucks? A. The ECM will have to be left with the original truck, The HDGT can be returned to stock on the original truck and installed on the new truck.    Monitoring Capabilities Include*: Speed RPM Boost Throttle Load Battery V Coolant Intake Temp Oil Temp Oil PSI Turbo EX Temp Fuel Rate Inst Econ Avg Econ Trip Dist Trip Fuel BD Aux BD Pyro 1&2 Truck Pyro 1&2  VIDEOS:


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