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Knowledge Base

Chevy/GMC Duramax

What do the FASS part numbers mean?
Store Admin Sep 24, 2014

The first number represents the model or series. The HPFP is only the fuel pump. The 95 series and 150 series are both complete systems with a fuel filter and water separator attached. The 95 series has a smaller base with smaller filters, while the 150 series has a larger base, larger filters an...

Which FASS GPH is right for my vehicle?
Store Admin Sep 24, 2014

Traditionally the 95gph system is for stock vehicles to moderate horsepower upgrades. This would be commonly be used for vehicles under 500 horsepower. The 150-200 GPH is for moderate to extreme horsepower upgrades. This would be used for vehicles at 450 horsepower or above. Please contact one of...

How do I install my FASS Fuel System?
Store Admin Sep 24, 2014

A detailed installation manual for your FASS system can be found on our website under the “Tech Docs” tab for that item.

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