38574C - Stanadyne Winter 1000 Pint Bottle 16 oz., Case of 12 Bottles Treats 125 gallons diesel fuel per Bottle

Direct Replacement ADDITIVES - Direct Replacement

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Winter 1000 Features: Fuel Gelling Protection - pour point reduced by as much as 40 ?F (22 ?C), depending on base fuel gell point Reduces Wax Filtering - cold filter plug point reduced up to 25 ?F (13 ?C), depending on base fuel starting point Reduces Ice Formulation - water demulsifiers and freeze depressants help keep fuel water free Cleans and Protects - Detergents help remove deposits Alcohol Free - Avoids corrosion and accelerated wear How to Treat - add before filling. Note All Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additives can be blended with each other and "double-dosing" is not damaging - although it may not provide twice the benefit. Where engine and vehicle OEMs have approved Stanadyne, most of them recommend Performance Formula, which should be used year-round to ensure protection against fuel related problems.

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