AP63485 - Alliant Power PMD (FSD) Box, for GM 6.5 L Diesel Fuel Pumps

Direct Replacement ALLIANT POWER - Direct Replacement

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Note-This is a newly designed PMD that uses a different wire harness. To install this part the intake manifold will need to be removed New Alliant Power (OEM) replacement PMD (Pump Mounted Driver) for GM 6.5L injection pumps. This is the current part number from Alliant Power. The pump mounted driver found on the GM 6.5L Diesel fuel injection pump is prone to failure. This part fails due to excessive heat on the side of the pump. As the engine runs excessive heat will build up within the engine bay. This heat will cause the circuit board in the PMD to heat up as well. As the circuit boards temperature rises the solder on the board begins to melt into a liquid, at which point the electrical flow through the circuit board ceases. This PMD does not come with a new resistor. It is strongly recomended that the resistor be replaced when installing a new PMD. The new #9 resistor (part# AP63565) has been specifically designed to work with the new Alliant Power PMD It is recommended to relocate the PMD to the intake manifold with an attached heat sink (part# FSD01). Symptoms of PMD failure include lack of power or intermittent engine stalling and normal starting after engine cool down. Engine stall will become more frequent as time goes on until eventually the truck will fail to start at all. Dont get stranded Note This part comes with a 12 month warranty.

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Brand Name ALLIANT POWERWeight N/A
New vs. Reman NewWarranty 13 months

App Info

Vehicle TypeMakeModelYear RangeNote
ALL Chevrolet B7 1997-1997 V; 8Cyl; 6.5L; -CC; 395Cid; 4.06; Turbocharged;
ALL Chevrolet B7 1998-1998 V; 8Cyl; 6.5L; -CC; 395Cid; 4.06; Turbocharged;
ALL Chevrolet Blazer 1994-1994 V; 8Cyl; 6.5L; -CC; 395Cid; 4.06; Turbocharged;
ALL Chevrolet C1500 1994-1994 V; 8Cyl; 6.5L; -CC; 395Cid; 4.06; Naturally Aspirated;
ALL Chevrolet C1500 1994-1994 V; 8Cyl; 6.5L; -CC; 395Cid; 4.06; Turbocharged;
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