AP65110 - Injector Drive Module (IDM) 1994 - 1998 Ford Powerstroke

Direct Replacement ALLIANT POWER - Direct Replacement

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Injector Drive Module (IDM) Fits 94 - 98 Ford Pickups And Vans with 7.3 l Powerstroke Engines. (F-series & E-series) Replaces The Following IDMs: F5TF-12B599-AB, F6TF-12B599-AA, F7TF-12B599-AA, F7TF-12B599-AB, F7TF-12B599-AC, F7TF-12B599-AD, F7TF-12B599-AE, F7TF-12B599-AF, DPS110

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Brand Name ALLIANT POWERWeight N/A
New vs. Reman RemanWarranty 13 months

Application Information

Vehicle TypeMakeModelYear RangeNote
ALL Ford E-350 1994-1994 V;8Cyl;7.3L;Turbo;International;Diesel
ALL Ford E-350 1995-1995 V;8Cyl;7.3L;Turbo;International;Diesel
ALL Ford E-350 Econoline 1994-1994 Base; United States; V; 8Cyl; 7.3L; -CC; 445Cid; 4.11; Naturally Aspirated; M; DIESEL; FI; International
ALL Ford E-350 Econoline 1994-1994 V; 8Cyl; 7.3L; -CC; 445Cid; 4.11
ALL Ford E-350 Econoline 1994-1994 V; 8Cyl; 7.3L; -CC; 445Cid; 4.11; M; DIESEL
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Cross References

Competitor PartNoCompetitor NameInterChange TypeNotes
AP65110ALLIANT POWERDirect Replacement
DTPS110DIPACODirect Replacement
F5TF-12B599-AAFORDDirect Replacement
F5TF-12B599-ABFORDDirect Replacement
F5TZ-12B599-AAFORDDirect Replacement
F5TZ-12B599-ABFORDDirect Replacement
F6TF-12B599-AAFORDDirect Replacement
F6TZ-12B599-AAFORDDirect Replacement
F7TF-12B599-AAFORDDirect Replacement
F7TF-12B599-ABFORDDirect Replacement
F7TF-12B599-ACFORDDirect Replacement
F7TF-12B599-ADFORDDirect Replacement
F7TF-12B599-AEFORDDirect Replacement
F7TF-12B599-AFFORDDirect Replacement
F7TZ-12B599-AAFORDDirect Replacement
F7TZ-12B599-ABFORDDirect Replacement
F7TZ-12B599-ACFORDDirect Replacement
F7TZ-12B599-ADFORDDirect Replacement
F7TZ-12B599-AEFORDDirect Replacement
F7TZ-12B599-AFFORDDirect Replacement
F7TZ-12B599-AGFORDDirect Replacement
F7TZ12B599ACFORDDirect Replacement
60-1000MAGNUMDirect Replacement
APP-AP65110ALLIANT POWERDirect Replacement