90162 - FPPF Marine Forumla Gas Treatment

Direct Replacement FPPF CHEMICAL CO - Direct Replacement

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WITH XP-100 Specifically Formulated For All Gasoline And All Ethanol Gasoline Blends Including E-85 Marine Ethanol/Gas Formula is the finest fuel additive for Ethanol and Gasoline blends on the market today. This formula is unlike all other gasoline additive products. It contains 100% active ingredients and provides multifunctional benefits to improve engine performance and save you money. Marine Ethanol/Gas Formula can be used in all Marine gasoline engines and does not invalidate manufacturers warranties. Marine Ethanol/Gas Formula contains the most potent Octane booster on the market today and will increase Octane up to 10 points or more. FPPFs Marine Ethanol/Gas Formula helps prevent all the potential problems associated with ethanol and gas/ethanol blends. These problems include excessive filter plugging, water accumulation in the fuel tank, fuel deterioration and aging, tank corrosion and ethanol/gasoline/water fuel phasing and separation. This product is the result of extensive R&D and the latest cutting-edge advancements in chemical fuel additive technology from around the world. FPPFs Marine Ethanol/Gas Formula contains 100% active ingredients. Product Benefits: Totally absorbs water in all gasoline, ethanol/gasoline blends Controls the buildup of varnish, gum, and sludge in the entire fuel system Prevents corrosion in all fuels including ethanol and ethanol/gasoline blends Cleans fuel injectors and the entire fuel system Stabilizes fuel and reduces fuel oxidation Helps to reduce potential fuel/water phasing Improves fuel mileage in all vehicles using ethanol, gasoline, and/or ethanol/gasoline blends Reduces emissions and helps engine pollution control systems operate properly Increases engine efficiency and power Can be used in all gasoline engines including automotive, marine, gas heavy duty, and gasoline generators Comes in an easy to use bottle Great value and convenience

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