0460404970X - Volkswagen TDI Fuel Injection Pump For 98-01 VW Diesels - Golf & Jetta

Direct Replacement MWE - BOSCH ELECTRONIC RP - Direct Replacement

Part Notes : Verify fitment against original pump part number.

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OEM fuel injection pump for 1999-2001 VW Golf TDI & 1998-1999 VW Jetta TDI.
Verify fitment against original pump part number. Fitment above is estimated fitment only.
Each of our TDI diesel fuel injection pumps are remanufactured at an OEM remanufacturing facility. Every pump is bench tested after completion to ensure that it meets OEM specifications. Each pump is completely disassembled, and is rebuilt using a mix of new and remanufactured parts, with Viton gaskets, new temperature sensors, new center head plugs, and new transfer pumps in each TDI injection pump.

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New vs. Reman RemanWarranty 12 months

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