FSD01 - FSD Cooler, For 1994 - 2004 GM 6.5 L Diesels

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The Diesel Store proudly presents the Solution to the 6.5 liter Diesel Electronic Pump "PMD" Failure. PMD stands for "Pump Mounted Driver" which is the electronic unit that is mounted directly on the side of the injection pump. The PMD creates a lot of heat, which is why it is mounted directly on the side of the fuel injection pump. The heat transfer pad between the PMD & Injection Pump helps dissipate the heat created by the PMD. The problem is, all this extra heat causes failures with the pump, electronics, and the PMD itself. In addition, the injection pump is buried beneath the air intake manifold, which has a decorative plastic manifold cover that compounds the heat problem. GM 6.5L Fuel Solenoid Driver - NOT INCLUDED Now available is the FSD COOLER, which removes the PMD from its original location and places it out in the open. Mounted on an aircraft style finned aluminum cooler, which displaces the heat created by the PMD reduces injection pump and PMD heat related failures. This product has been out in the market for some time, and has astonishing results. The FSD Cooler can save you thousands of dollars in down time, repair time, and costly parts as well as reduce repeat failures. This unit can be installed at the time of pump replacement, or installed with the injection pump in place. If installed with a rebuilt pump, remove the PMD before pump installation. If the FSD is added to keep the pump and electronics from overheating and becoming a problem, it is recommended to install FSD with a new PMD. Simply install PMD on FSD cooler, unplug harness from pump and plug in, mount the FSD to the intake manifold and you and your truck are ready to roll. Average FSD* temperature after 100 km driving distance, at 100 Km/h and 25°C ambient temperature. Manufacturer Supplied Chart and Information New FSD modules #34583 were used in these tests. Test vehicle: 1997 K2500 - 4WD - automatic - 4.10 rear end - 3901 Kg GVWR - AC turned off. Conditions Pump Mounted FSD Cooler Mounted w/ High Fuel Level 73°C, 163°F 55°C, 131°F w/ Low Fuel Level 89°C, 192°F 55°C, 131°F & Hauling an enclosed trailer 98°C, 208°F 58°C, 136°F & with a non-operating lift pump 103°C, 217°F 58°C, 136°F *NOTE - Hummer and Chevy Vans will need an additional installation kit to mount the FSD Cooler onto the intake manifold (part# FSDVAN). Also with vans and hummers a hole must be drilled into the heatsink so it can be mounted.

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