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AFE Stage 1 Magnum Force Air Intake System 2000-2004.5 Jetta/Golf/GTI 1.8T/1.9TDI - 54-10831

Manufacturer: AFE
Magnum FORCE Stage 1 Cold Air Intake System Features Replaces factory air filter. Replaces factory air box. Black textured molded tube. 16-gauge powder-coated steel heat shield. Radial universal cone filter. Benefits? Increases up to 25 HP. Improved airflow for more torque and better performance. Improved velocity for better acceleration. Reduces heat transfer to intake air. Durable and corrosion resistant, blocks out engine heat. Why Stage 1 With the Magnum FORCE Stage 1 intake system, we replace the stock air box and the stock air filter. By replacing the restrictive air box and air filter, there is a noticeable improvement in airflow and power. However, Stage 1 retains the stock intake tract. Our engineers can develop a Stage 1 system kit quickly because we are not tackling the stock intake tube, which often interfaces with the factory Mass Airflow Sensor. It is still a challenge to make sure that the Check Engine Light does not come on but not as challenging as when you are replacing the entire intake tract. Block Out Hot Engine Air Since we are still using the stock intake tube, the size of the filter inlet diameter is limited by the diameter of the stock tube. However, our engineers still managed to increase the filter inlet diameter whenever possible. Take a look at this intake kit for the BMW 325i (PN 54-10171). We enlarged the filter to a 4 1/2 inlet diameter even though the factory intake diameter is just 3 because of our unique tapered adapter between the filter and the stock intake tube. In designing out the stock air box, we always try to design in the largest air box that we can. When replacing the stock intake tube as we do in our Stage 2 systems, you have more flexibility since you can change the tube configuration. However adapting to the stock intake tube forces some limitation on the design. Even with adapting to the constraints of the stock intake tube, we are careful to use that stock mounting points. There is no need to cut or drill anything when you install our kits. At first glance you probably won't notice the unique features that we design into each air box. They are there for a purpose, either to make your job of installing the system easier or to improve the performance of your vehicle. Here are a few of the features that distinguish aFe from our competitors. 16-gauge powder-coated steel for durablility. Trim sealed to seal out hot engine air. Pre-positioned PEM-nuts for easier installation. Welded and pre-assembled sheet metal. Pre-positioned opening for stock attachments. 3-angle velocity stack adaptor on some applications. Powder-coated covers on some applications. As you can see, we put in a lot of effort to designing each air box to fit each vehicle. It takes us a little more time and effort but we do it to make the job of installing our systems easier. Bigger Is Better Since we make our own filters instead of buying off-the-shelf sizes , we can design our filters to suit each application. Depending on the design of our air box, we can make the filter taller or fatter or oval as necessary. By designing the largest filter for the largest air box, we can insure that the vehicle is getting the maximum amount of air. Our Stage 1 intake system uses our radial universal clamp-on filters. We design in an inverted top on some of the filters on the Stage 1 systems to increase filtration surface area and airflow. One of the special characteristics of our filters is the full or modified velocity stack that is built into our universal cone filters. This velocity stack allows the air to curve around the edge of the filter and enter the intake tract without loss of velocity. We have conducted tests where there is more airflow with a full-velocity stack filter than with a straight tube and no filter. If you're ever in the neighborhood, come by and we'd love to show you. Here are common characteristics of our air filters: 100% poly urethane construction Durable, resistant to high temperature and chemicals. Deepest pleats Greater flow and dust holding capacity. Rounded pleat geometry Better airflow characteristics. Washable/reusable filter media Longer service life. Full or modified velocity stack - Better, more airflow. With the installation of a Magnum FORCE Stage 1 intake system, you are removing the most restrictive part of the stock air intake system: the air filter and air box. You will feel an immediate improvement in acceleration and throttle response. The dyno chart above attest to the increase you can achieve with one of our popular applications.
More Information
Manufacturer AFE
Year 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
Make Volkswagen
Model Beetle, Golf, Jetta
Engine 1.9
Core Policy Selection No Core Policy
Core charge up front? No
Cylinder 4
Blocktype L
Design ALH,BEW
Valves 2
Aspiration Turbocharged
Engine Manufacturer Volkswagen
Version TDI
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