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FASS Titanium Series Fuel Air Separation System For 2008-2010 Ford Trucks (Super Extreme HP 220gph) - T F16 220g

FASS Titanium Series Fuel Air Separation System For 2008-2010 Ford Trucks (Super Extreme HP 220gph) - T F16 220g

Part Number: T F16 220G
Manufacturer: FASS



*Note: In-Tank Retrofit use T D07 095G FASS TITANIUM SERIES The Titanium Series uses the same blueprint as the FASS HD Series just in a smaller package. The Titanium Series of FASS pumps were specifically designed for pickup trucks. They utilizing all the best features of the HD series system Built into a smaller more compact housing. The Titanium Series offers flow rates up to 220gph. The smaller foot print of the FASS Titanium Series allows for the pump to be installed closer to the frame for better clearance and less visibility. This allows for a cleaner look without sacrificing any of the features known to FASS systems. The same motor used on the HD Series (class 8 applications) is also used on the Titanium Series, proving once again that quality is #1 at FASS. FASS High Performance Diesel Fuel System Most vehicles fuel tanks are mounted at least two feet below and ten feet away from the fuel pump. This configuration creates multiple problems associated with the fuel delivery to the engine. First, the injection pump has to draw the fuel from the tank by creating a vacuum which produces fuel vapor. Second, while the vehicle is in motion the movement of the fuel inside the tank causes air to become entrained within the fuel. By having entrained air and air vapor in the fuel, the engine does not perform at the manufacturer's specification, and the fuel injectors and fuel injection pump are not properly lubricated. Air and fuel vapor occupy the space that should have pure fuel, thus delaying the injection of fuel (retarded timing) into the combustion chamber. The air/vapor present in fuel is very inconsistent, making it virtually impossible to adapt the varying degrees of changes in injection timing. The answer to this problem is the FASS kit. FASS Eliminates Power-Robbing Air From Diesel Fuel Complete Kits: All FASS Fuel Air Separator Systems and the High Performance Fuel Pump systems are complete kits. They come with the hoses, fittings, mounting hardware, etc to do the job. Everything needed to complete the installation should be included, except tools and wire ties. FASS Fuel Air Separation System Consistent Engine Performance Increased Horsepower Increased Fuel Economy Reduces the effects of "Hot Fuel" Easier/Quicker Starts Reduced Engine/Cab Noise Improved All-Weather Performance Reduces Black Smoke Reductions in NOX and Carbon Monoxide Excellent Cold Weather Performance Smoother Idle and Quicker Throttle Response Extended Fuel Filter Life How FASS Works FASS Video Demonstration playerFile = ""; fpFileURL = ""; playerSize = "360x270"; fpPreviewImageURL = ""


Manufacturer FASS
Year 2008, 2009, 2010
Make Ford
Model E-350 Super Duty, F-250 Super Duty, F-350 Super Duty, F-450 Super Duty, F-550 Super Duty
Engine 6.0, 6.4
Core Policy Selection N/A
Core charge up front? No
Sub Model FX4,King Ranch,Lariat,XL,XLT,Base,Harley-Davidson Edition,Cabelas
Cylinder 8
Blocktype V
Design VT365
Valves 4
Aspiration Turbocharged
Manufacturer Ford
Version Power Stroke
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