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Fuel Transfer Pump Kit For 1998.5 - 2002 Dodge Cummins - AP4943048

Part Number: AP4943048
Manufacturer: Alliant Power



This new fuel transfer pump has an internal bypass circuit in the rotor housing which allows fuel to be drawn with less restriction from the fuel tank to the fuel injection pump in the event of an inoperable fuel transfer pump. Kit includes four banjo gaskets for easy installation. This transfer pump kit offers a service solution that is more budget friendly than the in-tank conversion kit currently offered by Chrysler

Cummins Part Numbers : 3990082, 3990105, 4932707, 4935730, & 5362273

This improved transfer pump, now available for 5.9L Cummins engines, reduces the risk of injection pump damage in the event of an inoperable transfer pump. The Alliant Power part number label, found on the motor housing distinguishes improved pumps from previous versions.

When troubleshooting, technicians will notice that transfer pump pressure at full load with the AP4943048 pump is lower than with previous pumps, which is normal. (This coincides with what many technicians have observed following the installation of an in-tank replacement pump: transfer pump pressure at fullload drops to near zero, but flow is adequate to prevent damage to the injection pump. In fact, Chrysler specifications for in-tank pumps call for minimum flow only - 430ml/10 seconds - not pressure.)

Operating Condition Typical Pressure (psi) Minimum Pressure (psi) Maximum Restriction (in-hg)
Cranking 6-10 6 n/a
Idle 12-14 10 n/a
Full Load* 4-6 n/a n/a
High Idle 7-8 n/a 6

*Pressure will be less if vehicle has a performance module installed

The improvement to the pump results from the addition of two ball check valves. In the event of a transfer pump motor failure, fuel flows past the check valves and through an internal annulus to the pump outlet, bypassing the vane pump assembly.


Manufacturer Alliant Power
Year 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
Make Dodge
Model Ram 2500, Ram 3500
Engine 5.9
Core Policy Selection No Core Policy
Core charge up front? No
Sub Model Base
Cylinder 6
Blocktype L
Design N/A
Valves 4
Aspiration Turbocharged
Manufacturer Cummins
Version Cummins


3990082, 3990105, 4932707, 4935730, 5362273

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