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Injector Testing & Cleaning Services

Issues With Your Injectors? Send Them in for Service.

EPS 205 Test Bench

We are fully qualified to clean and test most diesel and gasoline fuel injectors at our testing facility just outside Chicago, IL. This includes multi-port gas, mechanical, electronic, and common rail fuel systems. Injectors are tested on state of the art equipment.

Common Rail Injectors

We can check the newest fuel systems including Delphi, Denso, and Bosch solenoid injectors as well as continental & Bosch Piezo injectors. We can also test Cummins Celect and Detroit Diesel electronic injectors.

Traditional Injectors

We can test injectors for marine applications, gen-sets, agriculture and construction equipment, light and heavy duty trucks, and gas and diesel cars.

Injector Examples & Pricing

The cost for testing and cleaning injectors can range from as low as $15 up to $100 for each injector. The fee for the majority of injectors is only $50 per injector plus the re-installation seal kits on those that pass. Note: We will waive this testing fee should you decide to replace your failed injector with one of ours.

  • Highway Application Diesel Mechanical Injectors
  • Multi Port Gas Injectors for Ford, GM, Chrysler
  • Common Rail Injectors (Highway Application)
  • Ford 7.3L Powerstroke & International DT466E T444E HEUI Injectors
  • Ford 6.0L Powerstroke G2.8 HEUI Injectors
  • Cummins M11-N14 Celect Injectors
  • Cat C7, C9, C15 Injectors
  • Detroit Series 60 N2 Injectors (Side Mounted Solenoid)
  • Detroit Series 60 N3 Injectors (No Solenoid)
  • EUI "Spring" Injectors

Above is only a sample of the injectors we can test. If your injector is not on the list, please send us your part number.

Injector Submission & Processing

We will ask although, not necessary, that you inform us (email works great, but so does a call, the choice is yours) when these are shipped, and please also forward a tracking number. This gives us a chance to save a spot in the queue for you on the date of delivery to try and test these for you as fast as possible. Generally, results are within 1 business day, depending on the time of delivery. At most we would be looking at two business days for testing results. We will then await a decision from you as to how you would like us to proceed.

The testing fee does not include a separate cost for externally resealing any injectors that pass for reinstallation, which is available separately for any injector that passes testing. If you decide not to replace injectors with us, we would return the failed units as is and not reseal them as we would not recommend that you reinstall those in an engine.

Packaging Injectors for Shipping

Please drain as much oil and fuel as possible, and bag them in a sealed plastic bag. This is to prevent residual oil/fuel from damaging the packaging and possibly being lost, refused, and/or returned to you by the carrier. We also recommend that they are well insulated from drop damage and insured against loss/damage. As we will do everything in our power to help you once we have the package, we cannot guarantee they will arrive to us safely as that is in the hands of the carrier.

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