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VP44 Injection Pump Package Builder - PKG

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Manufacturer: Bosch
Refundable Core Charge : $600.00
Core charge is refundable if the core is returned within 60 days. See core policy tab below for details.

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2 Year Unlimited Mile Warranty

VP44 Package

While installing the Bosch VP44 fuel injection pump on 1998.5-2002 5.9l 24v Dodge Ram Cummins pickups it is highly recommended that you change the feed pump and fuel filter. Failure to do so can lead to non-warrantable damage to the injection pump, and more down time. An early warning sensor can also work as cheap insurance in helping to prevent premature injection pump failure (ACC1081130).

Luckily we have a solution that will not only save you from down time but also a ton of money. We now have a Build Your Own VP44 Package solution for the VP44 fuel injection pumps, where our customers can pick and choose their own parts based on their application and needs.

From stock to extreme you can pick and choose the correct combination while saving big over buying the parts separately. With over 40 different combinations you can customize your fuel system to your needs. As always if you need help deciding feel free to call our toll free number 1.877.375.7867 and one of our trained customer service reps will be more than happy to help.

Here at The Diesel Store, our Quality Control Process starts the minute we receive a VP44 fuel injection pump core.

  1. Our incoming department inspects the pump for contamination, seizure or evidence of tampering.
  2. The VP pumps are then cap plugged, washed with a recyclable solvent and then washed a second time in an environmentally friendly hot water solution in accordance with our ISO14001 Environmental Management System.
  3. Each VP44 pump is then disassembled individually to ensure that the parts that came in with the pump go back with the same pump.
  4. After disassembly, the internal parts are cleaned and the external parts are buffed and polished for a like-new appearance.
  5. The disassembled pump is then boxed and moved into our assembly room.
  6. There, our Factory Trained Technicians meticulously inspect each part for even the slightest defect or wear. If there is a question, the part is discarded and replaced with new.
  7. Each pump is then assembled by the same technician that performed the parts inspection. Our ISO9001 Quality Management System of continuous improvement ensures the highest quality pump as well as the most efficient program so that your costs are minimized.
  8. The pump is then installed on the latest OE test equipment and the automated calibration process makes sure that the pump is error free.
  9. The pump is then removed from the test bench and drained of all residual test fluid. Each pump receives protective caps to minimize leakage or contaminate ingress.
  10. The VP44 pumps then receive their finishing kits with all of the necessary gaskets and o-rings for installation.
  11. External screws are then re-torqued and seal painted to prevent tampering.
  12. Each pump is boxed in specially designed packaging to eliminate the danger of damage during shipping.

Performance chip & add on disclaimer

Tampering with the VP44 pump's wires can cause premature pump failure. If the wires are cut the pump is no longer warrantable, and any repairs that need to be made to the injection pump will be the buyer's responsibility. In the VP44 pump the fuel is used to cool and lubricate the pump, and the tolerances between the head and the rotor is very fine. Performance chip add-ons affect the cooling rate of the VP44 fuel injection pump. The pump will become hotter due to excessive RPMs from the chips programming. When the throttle is backed off the fuel to the pump is reduced, and the pump's cooling capabilities are greatly reduced. Since the VP44 pump is hotter from the increased RPMs the rotor seizes in the head and the pump fails. An alternative to cutting into the pump's wires is to use a chip that plugs directly into the trucks ECM. This approach will allow for an increase in HP while not excessively heating the fuel pump. A great example of this is the DiabloSport Power Puck, which is specifically designed to run the VP44 in safe RPM range.

Defective VP44 Engine Codes

The retrieval of codes does not constitute an engine diagnosis. However, there are some codes that usually indicate a defective VP44 injection pump. A current P1688 always means that the pump is bad, there is no further diagnosis required. Code P0216 is probably the most common code for VP44 Pumps. If transfer pump pressure has been checked and is O.K., the injection pump is defective. Other codes that are less common are P0180, P0181, P0215, P0251, P0252, P0253, P0254, P0370, P1287, P1689 and P1690. These codes USUALLY, but not always indicate a defective pump. There are wiring and power checks to be performed if these codes are present. These codes relate to Dodge pickups only, and are not for any other ISB application.

Problems With Newly Installed VP44 Pumps

Some customers have reported running issues within the first month of VP44 pump installation. The usual symptoms are excessive blue or white smoke, or a 216 engine code. While these issues would point to a defective pump the usual cause is an incorrectly installed or damaged pump drive key.

The key is the small slightly offset half moon shaped steel piece that is used to set the timing for the injection pump. It is installed in the slot on the pump drive shaft and is indexed to the slot on the drive gear on the engine.

To resolve this issue the pump should be pulled off and a new key installed. A new key will need to be purchased to replace the damaged one. There are several different key numbers and the correct one needs to be installed. Non-warrantable damage to the pump or engine may occur if an incorrect key is installed on a VP pump. To order a new key retrieve the key number and call us so we can ship the correct one. The key number can be found stamped on the key as well as on the pump name plate. The type of number to look for on the key or nameplate is a 3 digit number that starts with a zero, like .045, or .036.

While a damaged key is the most common cause of issues on new VP44 pump installations, there may be other factors as well (such as air leaks or a faulty lift pump). If you have any questions or need help troubleshooting a fuel system problem please feel free to call and speak with one of our qualified technicians.

Find the Engine Serial # on Cummins ISB 24 Valve 5.9L Engines

The Engine Serial number is on the engine data plate, which can be found on the drivers side of the timing gear case (see below picture). The plate shows the CPL (control parts list) number, date of manufacture, timing specs, & the engine serial number. To insure that you receive the correct pump please type the Serial Number of your engine in the comments while placing your order. Before we process the order we will cross-reference your engine serial number to the correct VP44 fuel injection pump.

Finding Finding

More Information
Manufacturer Bosch
Year 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
Make Dodge
Model Ram 2500, Ram 3500
Engine 5.9
Core Policy Selection VP44 Core Policy
Core charge up front? Yes
Sub Model NO
Cylinder NO
Blocktype NO
Design NO
Valves NO
Aspiration NO
Engine Manufacturer NO
Version NO


0 470 506 005

0 470 506 011

0 470 506 015

0 470 506 022

0 470 506 027


0 501 1041 AB

0 501 1041 AA

0 501 3925 AA

0 501 5721 AA

0 501 9658 AA

0 501 9658 AB

0 501 9658 AC

0 501 9658 AD


367 6670 RX

393 7671 RX

394 3760 RX

394 6135 RX


R 501 1041 AB

R 501 1041 AA

R 501 3925 AA

R 501 5721 AA

R 501 9658 AA

R 501 9658 AB

R 501 9658 AC

R 501 9658 AD





VP44 Core Policy

High Performance VP44 Note:

Effective January 1, 2012 all VP44HPX (High Performance VP44 Pumps) installed must have at least a 95 GPH (Gallon Per Hour) flow rate transfer pump also installed to be covered under our full One Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty. No warranty will be offered for VP44HPX Pumps that are installed with a transfer pump below 95GPH flow rate. Proof of a transfer pump meeting these requirements will be required at the time a warranty claim is made on a VP44HPX. Transfer pumps meeting or exceeding these requirements are, but not limited to, the FASS Heavy Duty, Titanium, Platinum, and Fuel Pump Series. Owners with a FASS or Airdog Transfer pump will be required to submit their transfer pump serial number and a copy of the receipt for verification through the respective manufacturers, at the time of a warranty claim. If you have any questions as to whether or not your transfer pump meets these requirements please feel free to call one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives at 877.375.7867.

***Our Core Policy Has Been Updated***

As of November 2021, the standard practice for The Diesel Store is to collect a refundable core charge at the time of purchase.

Pay Core Charge Upfront - Charge is Refundable

When you pay the core charge up front, you are eligible for a refund of the core charge if you send us the old core within 60 DAYS of purchase. At the time of purchase, you will be charged the full amount for the part and the core. As soon as an acceptable core is returned, you will receive a refund to the payment method used at checkout.

Definition of Core:

  • The core is the old unit, which was replaced by the new or rebuilt item.
  • Many replacement parts such as pumps, injectors, turbochargers and high-pressure oil pumps have a core charge that is associated with the part.
  • To receive full credit, all cores must be returned in rebuildable condition, must be like for like, and include all parts and pieces that were received on your replacement product.

Core Physical Condition:

  • No core credit will be issued for cores that have been in a fire, disassembled, or severely damaged or broken.
  • Partial core credit may be issued for cores that have been damaged, including those with a seized head and rotor, cracked housings, contamination (water, biodiesel, waste vegetable oil, etc.), or missing parts or pieces.

Core Return Process:

  1. Drain all fluids (oil, fuel, etc.) before the core is returned.
  2. Use all plastic plugs and caps received on the replacement item on the return core.
  3. Wrap in sturdy plastic bag to prevent leakage. Any wet packages may result in damaged or denied packages.
  4. Pack the core in the original box. Be sure to use any cardboard braces or internal cushioning provided.
  5. Include your purchase information together with the part, which includes either a printed email order confirmation, or a copy of the invoice included with the pump.
  6. Ship your core to us using the pre-paid return label included with your purchase (US customers). If you do not have that label, you may contact us for a replacement. Alternatively, you may ship to:

         The Diesel Store Core Returns
         1 Seidel Ct.
         Bolingbrook, IL 60490

  7. If for any reason you have questions or concerns on the status of your core, please e-mail the tracking number and invoice number to

Video: Core Return Process

Any Questions?

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